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Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Japan’s Best Hair Smoothening Treatment

A newly launched treatment in the second half of 2020, ADVANTE SMOOTH has already awed the industry by winning several awards with raving praises and was also featured on various beauty publications! Amazed by its stellar results and transformations, ADVANTE SMOOTH is currently a highly recommended hair treatment service by reputable salons and leading stylists!

Who is it for?

Perhaps you may face struggles in the morning due to your stubborn natural waves, or perhaps your dry and damaged hair is frizzy, unruly, and hard to manage.

Regardless of the difficulties that you face, a natural-looking smoothness that is easy to maintain is the popular preference for modern ladies today. The days of “pencil-straight” rebonding are of the past, as more and more women are looking for a hair treatment to help them manage their hair better on a daily basis, especially in Singapore’s humid climate.

Jeana - Before & After (By Hidero from Hair Illustrated)
Michelle - Before & After (By Deon from Chez Vous: HideAway)

So, what exactly is ADVANTE SMOOTH?

Formulated at the optimal pH of hair (pH 4.5 - 5.5), ADVANTE SMOOTH is the latest Japanese hair treatment that repairs, smoothens, and keeps your hair in good shape for months. Moreover, this unique anti-frizz technology in this treatment is currently the one and only available in Singapore! Yet, its matchless magic has transformed hair from all walks of life, as it also offers the liberty to personalize to any hair type for the silkiest finish possible!

Natural beautiful hair is now within reach for all ladies with minimal care and attention every morning. It’s literally just “Blow & Go”! Relish in your moisturized soft and silky hair that falls into shape so effortlessly for months to come.

Wakana - Before & After (By Tamami from Room Hair Salon)
Rachel - Before & After (By Hidero from Hair Illustrated)

Unlike traditional straightening methods that use harsh chemicals on the hair or give out harmful fumes, ADVANTE SMOOTH is designed with the finest botanical extracts to nourish the hair. With healthier locks, you can change up your style anytime to your hearts’ content - whenever and however you like! (i.e. you can still perm, highlight and color your hair in the future with no complications.)

Over a short time frame in Singapore, ADVANTE SMOOTH has already garnered great reviews from both reputable stylists and happy customers! Check them out in the clip below:

We would like to humbly invite you to experience our award-winning treatment. Let's embrace a brand new amazing hair chapter together! ✨

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*All the ladies' hair have been blown dry by hand,

without the use of a brush, to show the most natural result of ADVANTE SMOOTH.*

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