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No waiting time, No equipment needed, No heat required


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Holistic approach that rejuvenates hair from the inside out


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Up to 10x Faster penetration than other hair treatment


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Damaged Hair

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Healthy Hair

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Forms the foundation of treatment

Hair regains strength & elasticity

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Builds on the foundation

Restores natural smoothness & shine

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Completes the treatment

Reparation of inner & outer layers of hair

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Patented Delivery System


Unlock the true potential of hair restoration with our revolutionary delivery system. While countless breakthrough ingredients have been discovered in the beauty industry, the advancement in delivery systems has remained stagnant. Until now. Experience the power of our game-changing technology, featuring a Japanese-patented ionized water that boasts remarkable activity. Unlike conventional methods, our “highly-active” water facilitates the penetration of active ingredients into your hair up to 10 times faster. We understand that achieving natural-looking beautiful hair is important. That's why we've meticulously formulated our product with plant-derived amino acids that mimic the composition of real human hair. The result is a remarkable effect that closely resembles the beauty of natural, healthy hair. Experience the future of hair restoration with ADVANTE 1 and unlock the transformative power of our breakthrough delivery system.

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Nobel-Prized Fullerene

When it comes to revitalizing and caring for your hair cuticles—the protective outer layer—there are typically multiple treatments available, each catering to different hair types. However, ADVANTE 2 stands apart from common market offerings by offering a treatment that automatically adapts to your hair's specific needs. Our innovative technology sets us apart by tailoring the treatment to precisely what your hair requires. With ADVANTE 2, you can say goodbye to heavy, weighed-down hair and welcome a light-weight, natural softness, and silky smoothness, regardless of your hair type. Experience the difference of personalized cuticle care with ADVANTE 2. Unlock the potential of your hair's unique needs and embrace the effortless beauty of naturally nourished and rejuvenated hair.

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Duo Patent Technology

Traditionally, leave-in products have primarily focused on enhancing cuticle care, promoting smoothness and softness. In rarer cases, some products prioritize cortex care, aiming to repair hair strength. Unfortunately, consumers have been unable to enjoy the benefits of both aspects simultaneously. Breaking barriers and revolutionizing the market, ADVANTE 3 Milk Treatment is the World's First and Only No-Rinse treatment that utilizes Duo Patent Technology to effectively repair both the cortex and cuticle layers of your hair. Our first patent introduces bio-active keratin oligopeptides that deeply penetrate the cortex, restoring hair strength and elasticity from within. Witness the remarkable transformation as your hair undergoes restoration like never before. Complementing this breakthrough, we've incorporated Erucalactone, a Japanese-patented ingredient renowned for its incredible ability to repair cuticles upon exposure to heat. This extraordinary ingredient offers more than just heat protection – it delivers astonishing repair and rejuvenation to your hair's outer layer. With consistent usage of ADVANTE 3 Milk Treatment, you can expect significant improvements in your hair's overall condition. Experience the best of both worlds, as your hair enjoys the benefits of enhanced cortex and cuticle care.

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Brought to life in Japan, ADVANTE Treatment harnesses the power of revolutionary technology and patented ingredients to create a hair treatment that is Faster, Better, and Simpler. Each stage of our treatment process has been meticulously designed to optimise your salon time and maximize results. 

With ADVANTE Treatment, 'Beautiful Hair' is not just a promise, but an experience waiting to unfold.

ADVANTE Treatment transcends all hair types and ages, promising a transformation you can see and feel in just one session. Experience the surge of strength and volume, discover silky smoothness, and touch the softness of revitalized hair. Revel in radiant shine that illuminates your look, and enjoy a remarkable hair shape that's easy to style in the days following the treatment.

Crafted with passion by expert hair professionals, we are on a mission to redefine the concept of 'Real Hair Treatment'

Our aim is to deliver not just a product, but a liberating experience that offers genuine value to both hairstylists and consumers.



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