Paraben free!

Sulfate free!

No artificial fragrance!

Apply on towel-dried

hair before blow drying for best results!

"Beautiful hair blooms from scalp."

Anti-aging, rejuvenating, long-lasting.

Promotes blood circulation and rebalances scalp to a healthy condition. New hair grows out beautifully, eliminating all hair concerns. With a tint of calming lavender, a gentle yet thorough cleanse is sure to leave you feeling refreshed till the next day!

Feel relaxed and indulge in the lustre of your renewed hair.



No artificial


"Hair that is irresistibly

soft to touch all the time."

Lightweight, conditioning, effortless.

Housing key ingredients from ADVANTE Treatment, amazing results can be recreated even in the comfort of your home! Regardless of  texture and degree of damage, hair restores to healthy state and detangles with ease, giving you the smoothest finish possible. Even unruly or stubborn hair becomes more manageable than before!

Each morning is made more enjoyable with soft and low-maintenance tresses.

"The lightest hair oil, ever."

No burden. No stickiness. No sense of oiliness.

Blended with 15 botanical extracts, the natural goodness readily seeps into the depth of the core. Gives superb moisturization with a weightless and smooth finish. If you blow-dry or thermal style frequently, this is the perfect item for you! A special patented ingredient, Erucalactone, continues to repair as it senses heat from these tools.

Complete your look with a frizz-free, glossy and smooth touch!



  • Seeks a balanced care from scalp to ends.

  • Wants minimal maintenance for your effortless-looking hairstyle.

  • Wishes to enhance softness, smoothness, and shine to your locks with every use.

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