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Our Homecare Products

Paraben Free!

Sulfate Free!

No Artificial Fragrance!



Hair Care

& Scalp Benefits

"Indulge in the essential ritual of

 cleanse + treatment your scalp & hair"

While the market is flooded with scalp and hair treatment shampoos, finding a product that combines the benefits of both has been a rare occurrence – until now. Experience the power of ADVANTE Shampoo, featuring a unique and innovative Japanese ingredient called hematin. This remarkable ingredient provides dual benefits for your scalp and hair, revolutionizing your hair care routine. Hematin, rich in iron, stimulates blood circulation and activates haemoglobin in the scalp. This revitalizing action promotes a healthier scalp condition, leading to improved hair volume and thickness. Witness the transformation as your hair thrives from the inside out. But that's not all. Hematin also possesses the ability to repair broken disulphide bonds, fortifying the hair fibers and enhancing their strength. This results in extended color longevity and stronger luscious hair. Experience the harmonious fusion of scalp and hair care with ADVANTE Shampoo.

No Artificial Fragrance!



Natural Smoothness & Tames Frizz

with a Light Finish

"Unlock the secret to consistent

& uncompromising haircare"

Have you ever noticed that the key ingredients in most professional hair conditioners differ from their salon treatment counterparts, despite belonging to the same series? This disparity often misleads consumers, particularly when marketed as "after-care" solutions. At ADVANTE, we prioritize transparency and customer satisfaction. That's why ADVANTE Home Treatment is formulated with the same high-quality ingredients found in our ADVANTE 2 salon treatment, albeit in milder concentrations. This deliberate design allows for daily use, ensuring that you can maintain the exceptional benefits effortlessly in the comfort of your own home. With ADVANTE Home Treatment, you can rest assured that the quality and integrity of our salon-grade treatment extend beyond the salon experience. Our commitment to consistency ensures that clients continue to enjoy the same exceptional results, day in and day out. Experience the ultimate harmony of salon-level performance and at-home convenience with ADVANTE Home Treatment.

Hair Oil_Serum.png

No Artificial Fragrance!


Hair Care

Beyond Surface

"World's FIRST No-Rinse Treatment that

repairs both inner & outer layers of hair"

Traditionally, leave-in products have primarily focused on enhancing cuticle care, promoting smoothness and softness. In rarer cases, some products prioritize cortex care, aiming to repair hair strength. Unfortunately, consumers have been unable to enjoy the benefits of both aspects simultaneously. Breaking barriers and revolutionizing the market, ADVANTE 3 Milk Treatment is the World's First and Only No-Rinse treatment that utilizes Duo Patent Technology to effectively repair both the cortex and cuticle layers of your hair. Our first patent introduces bio-active keratin oligopeptides that deeply penetrate the cortex, restoring hair strength and elasticity from within. Witness the remarkable transformation as your hair undergoes restoration like never before. Complementing this breakthrough, we've incorporated Erucalactone, a Japanese-patented ingredient renowned for its incredible ability to repair cuticles upon exposure to heat. This extraordinary ingredient offers more than just heat protection – it delivers astonishing repair and rejuvenation to your hair's outer layer. With consistent usage of ADVANTE 3 Milk Treatment, you can expect significant improvements in your hair's overall condition. Experience the best of both worlds, as your hair enjoys the benefits of enhanced cortex and cuticle care.

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