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The Birth of a New Genre of Hair Treatment

In the pursuit of beauty, many new ingredients are discovered and new products are made every...

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In contemporary times where everyone increasingly places more emphasis on taking care of their hair condition, ease of styling, and daily maintenance, there is a growing demand for a more sophisticated technology to meet these needs and wants. 

All these years, we have been exploring possibilities to make lives better. We sought after the finest natural ingredients that are known to give only the best results and meticulously formulated the answers to the demands. In the pursuit for a solution that is faster, better, and simpler, we place utmost priority to quality and comfort for our modern ladies today.

The future of having real beautiful hair is now here, which we present with utmost joy and confidence.


We believe that having beautiful, soft, and silky hair is more than just sight and touch. Moisturized and lustrous with volume? We heard you! Low maintenance with minimal styling effort? Not a problem! We care from inside out and from roots to ends. Together with your trusted stylist, ADVANTE casts its magic upon each and every sophisticated lady who seeks betterment in her life. 

The perfect answer to good hair days is closer to you, than ever.

We believe we have the best hair treatment and we humbly invite you to experience ADVANTE.